Preventive Aesthetic Medicine: Take care of yourself now to feel better later

Each time more and more we hear speaking about preventive Aesthetic medicine as a tool to decrease long term aging signs, reducing the level of invasive treatment needs or even surgeries in many patient’s cases.There are each time more and more non-invasive techniques and medical products that can be used to reduce the signs of aging, that can start to appear since an early age, depending on each person.

Treatments like hyaluronic acid or butolinic toxin are used to eliminate and/or reduce the wrinkles and facial flaccidit in a major or lower grade. As the skin gets more mature the quantity of products and number of sessions can increase especially if you delay the professional assistance.
When a person starts to worry about the aging of its skin at an early age or when the signs of aging are not too pronounced, regular non invasive treatments are performed to enforce and reduce the signs of aging. You will get to an advanced age with more attenuated signs than if you had not performed any therapeutic treatment at all. That is the reason why it is being called “Preventive” Aesthetic Medicine.

Nearly all products used in Aesthetic medicine nowadays are resorbable by our body, which is positive to avoid side effects or lack of integration in our body. Moreover these substances help the skin to be smoother, more hydrated and flexible.
At the same time there are very interesting treatments like plasma rich in platelets, carboxitherapy or vitamin application, that enforces regeneration and protection of the tissues in general and in this particular case of the skin. There is no doubt this is a very demanded option to preserve the juvenile look of the face and skin turgor of the cutaneous structures.
If we wait until the wrinkles, the damaging effects, flabiness, volume loss and structural distribution become very intense, the doctor Will probably recommend toperform a more invasive technique, or even a possible surgery, instead of a purely aesthetic treatment.

As Dr Gálvez says: “If you do sport, your heart Will stay younger, if you eat healthy food, your health in general Will be better and if you take care of your skin it Will look better in the future”.
It is important to mention that independently of the patient’s wishes, Eivistetic’s specialists will allways recommend what is best in each case after studying the patient. It is about to find a honest consensus between doctor and patient to find the treatment the patient Will benefit without risking the harmony an proportion that a responsible aesthetic medicine requires.

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