Ibiza Gran Hotel renews its identity and releases its new logo

Sometimes, for things to remain the same, something has to change. However, values such as exceptional service, timelessness, luxury or contemporary Mediterranean-ness, all of which have formed part of the identity of the Ibiza Gran Hotel’s spirit since the beginning, will always be maintained.

The new logo design preserves the essence of these values, reflecting the same simplicity and good taste as ever and introducing a new visual universe that enhances the brand, thanks to Mucho, an agency based at its Barcelona office.
Ibiza Gran Hotel’s raison d’être is to bring together a team within which commitment, self-motivation and perfect synchrony enable them to offer their customers the best service, never failing to impress and always anticipating their needs.
This enables Ibiza Gran Hotel to propose a unique outlook in every aspect, where luxury and sophisticated elegancy are perfectly harmonised. This philosophy is reflected in the new brand.

The team at Mucho embraced the briefing with style, in order to develop a new image that offers a response to the following question: How can we respect and nurture the intangible values of a brand that has become a benchmark in a destination like Ibiza, through the graphic reinvention of its name?
The result is the creation presented by Ibiza Gran Hotel today. A design that has been perfectly thought through, built on the basis of its privileged position as the greatest example of luxury and exclusivity in Ibiza.
The outcome is a logo that represents the sun, light and its hues, combined with its magic, reflections and great detail. By way of a unique, personal outlook, it further enhances Ibiza Gran Hotel as a landmark of high standards and sophistication in Ibiza. 
A new identity with a unique and personal seal, which reaffirms and emphasises Ibiza Gran Hotel’s determination to make every visit to the hotel an individual and unforgettable experience, where colours, aromas, tastes, textures and spaces are always at the forefront when providing exceptional service.

Ibiza Gran Hotel always invites us to enjoy every detail, in every space, in every moment. It consistently commits itself to fulfilling the guests’ desires and going above and beyond their expectations, consistently offering the utmost sophistication and finesse. In an everchanging environment where trends come and go, this new identity ensures that Ibiza Gran Hotel stays true to the essence of refinement and most exquisite style. It has turned a project that began as a dream that would one day come true, into a reality that today, many dream of living and experiencing.


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We want Fomento de Ibiza to be an open forum for debate, one that agglutinates common interests, reaches a consensus as to the strategies that should be followed, and encourages professionals, workers, companies and entities from all the island’s economic and social walks of life to work together

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