The benefits of playing golf

If you have ever tried golf, you will know that it is much more than a sport, it’s a passion, a romance … it means being in constant contact with trees, sand, and water; a breath of fresh air to disconnect, where you are continuously surrounded by extensive and beautiful natural landscapes.

The weekend is the moment all golfers wait for to have this level of disconnection and to enjoy their favorite hobby. The golf lover sees the moment to return to the fairway and feel the breeze of the wind, the smell of fresh grass and the sand of the bunkers brushing against his skin.

Although it may seem a sport of numbers, golf is also imagination and creativity in its purest state, because before hitting the ball you must visualize the shot you want to make, that is, we have to imagine the perfect shot at each moment to be able to make it and it is in this precise moment when creativity makes a difference. Being a golfer is not easy, as it means being a player able to overcome difficult situations and avoid obstacles that appear during the game; obstacles such as lakes, rivers, bunkers, trees, etc. The golf lover has always liked challenges.

Besides being one of the most exciting sports that exist, the practice of golf has many health benefits:
Anti-stress therapy
is proven that practicing golf at least once a week helps reduce stress. We refer to stress as “a state of mental fatigue or tension caused by extremely difficult situations that cause psychosomatic reactions or sometimes serious psychological disorders.” This can happen at times, due to periods of stress-related work and can greatly affect our health. Playing sports helps to disconnect and golf is the perfect sport for it, as it is an outdoor activity. The large and green spaces transmit tranquility and peace, which helps generate endorphins, which produce a feeling of happiness.

Develop your capacity for concentration

Golf is a sport that positively affects our mind, helping to develop our ability to concentrate, because to achieve good strokes we must concentrate a great deal. When we focus our attention on one thing, we reduce our anxiety levels and without a doubt, our health improves a lot.

Golf helps keep your joints safe
Golf, being a soft practice sport, does not affect our joints. This means, your joints when practicing golf do not wear away or have a lesser wear than in other sports. This quality makes golf an ideal sport for any age and fitness level.

Improve your body
The practice of golf, being outdoors, allows the blood to oxygenate and this helps in the process of synthesis of vitamin D and as a result, improves circulation and the strengthening of bones. On the other hand, the practice of golf tones the muscles of the trunk, back, arms, thorax and abdomen. This sport also improves flexibility.

Take care of your cardiovascular health
During the practice of golf, the player walks between 7 and 10 kilometers per round. This makes golf an indisputable ally against cholesterol and keeps our blood pressure under control.

As we have mentioned, golf has many health benefits; and above all, it is an outdoor sport in contact with nature, something that is always beneficial helping us to disconnect from the accelerated rhythm of the city.  Come and try in Ibiza the golf paradise and without a doubt, you will not regret having tried it.

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