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If you are a tourism professional in Ibiza: Welcome!
Ibiza ONtur – The Social Club of Fomento del Turismo de Ibiza

The Network of tourism professionals Ibiza ONtur aims to highlight the experience and knowledge of the main players in the sector, as well as to provide solutions to real problems on the island. We work in different areas and have developed different initiatives for our partners and collaborators. Read more...


Ibiza ONtur organizes different conferences and workshops for the continuous training of tourism professionals. While the confinement lasts, consult the online training programs that we have collected.


Come and have a coffee or dinner with us by participating in the different Networking meetings that we organize for our members. While the confinement lasts, check the interviews that we have collected from different tourism professionals.


Find the various job offers from our partner companies.


Check out the different advantages and discounts you get for being a member of Fomento del Turismo.

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Contact us if you want to know more about the advantages of belonging to Fomento de Ibiza and Ibiza Ontur:

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What is Fomento?

Our work is focused on making Fomento del Turismo de Ibiza an increasingly open forum for debate that draws together a wide range of interests, agrees strategies and stimulates professionals, workers, companies and organisations from all the island's economic and social spheres to benefit from membership.

We want Fomento de Ibiza to be an open forum for debate, one that agglutinates common interests, reaches a consensus as to the strategies that should be followed, and encourages professionals, workers, companies and entities from all the island’s economic and social walks of life to work together

About Us

Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza (Island of Ibiza Tourism Development) is an association founded by a group of forward-looking people who set themselves the task of stimulating, promoting and developing the island's budding tourist industry.


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