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This weekend Festival of humor, theater and others activities in Ibiza

- Last day of the exhibition in Sa Nostra Sala "Ibiza a través de los libros de viaje, guías y otros impresos". Read more
- Cinema in San José: "The Nile Hilton Incidence" 8.30 pm. More information. 
- 2nd journey of entrepreneurs forum. Read more. 
- Rutapa in Santa Eulalia. Read more. 
- Paintings of Josefina Torres in Can Jeroni. More information. 
 Show "Amigoo" in Cas Serres. Read more. 
 Conference about agining in feminine. Can Ventosa. 5 pm. More information. 
- Laughters for mothers, fothers and children in San Jordi. Read more. 
- Magic Show for children in San José. More information. 
- Burger met Gin in Ocean Drive. Read more. 
 IX Humor Festival Ibiza: Antonia San Juan and Sara Escudero. More information. 
 Mal de cap Festival. More information. 

- IX Humor Festival Ibiza: Comandante lara and Toni Rodriguez. Read more. 
- Mal de cap Festival. More information. 
- Fishing competition in San Carlos. 8 am. in Can Anneta. 
- Sant Carles Xtreme. 3.45 pm. Inscriptions:
- Theater: "Cosas de mujeres" in San Carlos. 
- Theater in Can Jeroni. "Serán solo unos días". 8.30 pm. 
- Workshop Dry stone, read more. 
- Theater: "Desde la oscuridad". More information. 

- IX Humor Festival Ibiza: Toni Moog. Read more. 
- Mal de cap Festival. More information. 
 Theater "Lunatikus Circus" in Cultural Center of Jesús. Read more. 
- Lunch "Arroz de matanzas". More information. 
 Theater "Desde la oscuridad". More information. 
- Theater: "Desde la oscuridad". More information. 
 Traditional "panellets" for children. More information. 
- Activities in the programm San Carlos festivities. Read more. 
- Last day of Monsters World Tour. More information. 
- Concert of Joaquin Garli and others artists in Jesús. Read more. 
- Enduro Festes San CArles. More information. 
- Guided tour: Es Viver - Ses Salines. Read more. 
- Zumba y Cross in Forada Festivities. More information. 
- Solidarity Market, Apneef. Read more. 

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