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Music, sport and more for the weekend

Differents activities for this complete weekend:
Friday 18 th of august:
- Traditional dance (Ball pagès) in Eivissa (Es Martell)
- Azaró Vibe: This summer enjoy the magic of Atzaro Vibe : the especial parties Agroturismo Atzaró proposes you every Friday in the magic gardens and chill out.
- Cinema VSO La pasion d'Augustine
- International festival of Poetry

Saturday 19th of august:
- Young music in Sant Pere's Baluart: Over Flow
- Elmyr de Hory
Pirogue Day
- The Love Boat Party in Es Nàutic
- Activities in program fiestas de Sant Bartomeu
XXII Festival  of music of music in Sant Carles
- Watermelon's party ont he programme of Sant Agustin's festivity. 
Sunday 20th of august:

- Xacota Font de Balàfia Sant LLorenç
- Walk to Font de Balàfia
- Nits de Tanit: Dreamer's Circus
- Activities young day
- Inaguration and blessing "S'aljub de Sa Quintana d'en Berri" , festivities of Sant Agustín. 

Furthermore... Different exhibitions
Exhibition pictures Ibiza-México 
White by Ferrer Guasch 
Sa Penya by Ferrer Guasch
Exhibition Pico in Sa punta des molí
Paula’s Ibiza archive in MACE
Exhibition "arribada a Sant Agustí"
Exhibition Apfem
Exhibition "Vive la Posidonia" 
Exhibition Kaith Haring in La Nave de ses Salinas
Exhibition Montserrate and Gueras
Exhibition in MACE
Colours of Ibiza en PARt
Exhibition in museum of Puig des Molins 


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