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Are you an early bird? Maybe you have a prize. There is nothing like enjoying the summer with the breeze of the sea. In Baleària  if you confirm now your anticipated booking, you can be one of our winners in the #NoHayVeranoSinMar draw. In case you are one of the lucky winners, Beleària reimburse you the full ticket price.

To take part in the draw, it is necessary to be member of  Baleària Club and confirm your booking in the term established for the campaign: from May, 1st -31st. You may be one of the winners and opt for one of the 4 terrific prizes we have prepared.

4 prizes shall be awarded in total, one per week, as shown below:

  • 1st prize: bookings confirmed between May, 1st – 7th
  • 2nd prize: bookings confirmed between May, 8th – 14th
  • 3rd prize: bookings confirmed between May, 15th – 21st
  • 4th prize: bookings confirmed between May, 22nd – 31st


1 – Register as member of the Baleària Club
2 – Confirm your booking for the summer between May, 1st – 31st for any route. Valid for travel between August 15th and 31st.
3 - Once you have completed the booking under these terms, you will automatically take part in the draw. If you still are not a Baleària Club member, click on this link and register as soon as possible.

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Our work is focused on making Fomento del Turismo de Ibiza an increasingly open forum for debate that draws together a wide range of interests, agrees strategies and stimulates professionals, workers, companies and organisations from all the island's economic and social spheres to benefit from membership.

We want Fomento de Ibiza to be an open forum for debate, one that agglutinates common interests, reaches a consensus as to the strategies that should be followed, and encourages professionals, workers, companies and entities from all the island’s economic and social walks of life to work together

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