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Ibizan Group


Ibizan Group is a 100% local tourist agency on the island of Ibiza. We work to achieve a more involved Ibiza experience with its culture, its traditions, its history, its people and its nature.
There is no doubt that Ibiza is a dream, it is chic, it is sun and beach, it is night, it is fun, it is electronic music... but Ibiza is diverse and full of possibilities. Ibiza is also light, it is energy, it is nature, it is bohemian life, it is wellness, it is a romantic walk, it is tranquility, it is music diversity... Ibiza is life.

We like perseverance, details and dedication. Dedication to which we add positivism and passion for our work. We offer you to experience different and special experiences in our beloved homeland.

Olivia Cardona - Founder
Tireless lover of her homeland, she will help you to discover special places on the island, as well as meet extraordinary resident experiences, who continue to do the work of their ancestors generation after generation. 
It is Olivia's dream to achieve a sustainable island and an enriching interaction between her two passions: Ibiza and tourism.

Ibizan Group offer
Ibizan Dmc - (Re) discovering Ibiza
Ibizan Dmc is specialized in MICE tourism. We work special venues and different activities that always cover the natural, cultural and traditional heritage of the island.
Our offer: Corporate event organization (Congresses, Meetings, Incentives and other events), Logistics and activities or teambuilding. 

Ibizan Weddings - The Place for love
Ibizan Weddings works Ibiza as a wedding destination. We offer different venues for your wedding and a variety of activities for your guests, which will make your wedding unforgettable.
Our offer: Event total organization (weddings, wedding vow renewals,..), Logistics and activities for guests. Who said your dreamed wedding was only going to last a few hours?

Ibizan Spa - Your wellness, your life
Ibizan Spa offers an Ibiza focused on health and wellness destination. You can enjoy authentic new activities always in natural locations, filled with the excellent properties that gives our environment. It will be an unparalleled experience.
Our offer: New Wellness experiences, Logistics y in short, spa, beauty and massage center booking central.

Ibizan Shop - Not the same as always
Ibizan Shop opens the doors of a dedicated Ibiza to our most international fashion, full of local designers, crafts and local businesses. You will find the opportunity to enjoy the authentic island, forgetting the large shopping centers.
Our offer: Guided shopping experiences in local shops, crafts and ateliers with personal shopper, Logistics and in short the Ibiza shopping club.

In all our type of services we also offer activities connected with our culture and traditions: Ibiza homemade herbs liquor workshop, Ibiza "senallons" decoration workshop, or "senalló and espardenyes", "espardenyes and hat" or "espardenyes and senalló", apiculture workshop, bird watching from earth or sea, llaüt sailing, "Ibiza hippie" crafts, local Wineries guided visit, holistic workshops, functional training, physical and emotional training, sea massages, image workshop, between others.... 




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Our work is focused on making Fomento del Turismo de Ibiza an increasingly open forum for debate that draws together a wide range of interests, agrees strategies and stimulates professionals, workers, companies and organisations from all the island's economic and social spheres to benefit from membership.

We want Fomento de Ibiza to be an open forum for debate, one that agglutinates common interests, reaches a consensus as to the strategies that should be followed, and encourages professionals, workers, companies and entities from all the island’s economic and social walks of life to work together

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